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Balteiro Fernández, María Isabel (Director); Aleson Carbonell, María Amparo; Belda Medina, José Ramón; Campos Pardillos, Miguel Ángel; Calvo Ferrer, José Ramón; Martínez Motos, Raquel.


  • The study of the English lexicon in all its aspects.
  • The study, analysis and compilation of the lexicon of English in general and of specialised languages from different perspectives and levels: lexicological and lexicographical, morphological, semantic, stylistic, foreign language teaching, discourse analysis (textual genres) and genre.
  • The contrastive study of the lexicon of English and other languages, especially Spanish.

Lines of research

  • Word formation mechanisms of general and specific languages in English and Spanish.
  • Teaching the lexicon of English as an L2 or as an LE.
  • Lexicon and genre.
  • Terminological resources and/or lexicographical repertoires (dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) and corpora of specific languages: elaboration and compilation, with special reference to tourism and leisure, ICTs, health sciences, sport and fashion.
  • Interrelation between lexical selection and professional genres in specific languages.
  • Cognitive and stylistic aspects of the lexicon of specialised languages.

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