1. 1. Submissions of proposals will be sent via mail to the Editor-in-Chief of the collection cesareo.calvo@uv.es including:

a. A complete version in MS Word (2010 or later if possible) of the text to be edited, adapted to the style sheet and publication norms, including the name of the author/editor and affiliation. The same document will also be submitted in PDF format;

b. A copy in MS Word without the name of the author(s) and/or affiliation, and a copy in PDF;

c. A document in two versions (MS Word and PDF) specifying postal address, email address and phone number of the author(s);

d. A short bio data the author(s) and description of the volume (150 words).

2. The volume will have a minimum length of 150 pages. Contents must be the product of original and unpublished research.

3. The Editorial Board will inform about the (un)acceptance of the received proposals within a period of two weeks from reception. Proposals sent in August will be considered from the 1st of September.

4. Once accepted, two external members of the Scientific Committee will review the proposal. In case of divergence, a third reviewer (a member of IULMA) will take part.

5. Evaluation will be anonymous and double-blind. The external experts will provide a reasoned report for acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript.

6. External review will be held once a year, during the month of September, approximately. Once finished, the authors or editor will be informed of the final result. If accepted, the author or editor will receive the proposal and the suggested changes to be made within the specified time.

7. After the final submission, the authors will have a short period for correction and adjustment to the typographical requirements of the edition. Once this process is over, the authors will fill in the application for the ISBN and the work will be published in digital format in the University of Valencia Publication Services.