The main goal of IULMA is to systematize and to disseminate the knowledge of modern languages (or specialized discourses) applied to the fields of industry, sciences and technologies, law, health sciences etc.

Besides, IULMA aims to spread the knowledge and research on specialized languages in the different fields that could be interested in them: the professional and academic sector or the general public. The professional, or language through which experts communicate, is the one used, for instance, in articles or scientific symposia; the academic, however, consists of transmitting knowledge within university lecture halls, with the corresponding interaction between lecturers and students; and the general is the one used to communicate information to the general public.

More specific goals would include:

  • To promote, organize and plan research in the different areas of modern languages applied to the fields of industry, sciences and technologies, law, health sciences etc.
  • To carry out research activities on its own and in collaboration with other public and private entities, national and international.
  • To disseminate and divulge research and studies that have been carried out, by publishing works, reports and articles, on their own initiative or in coordination with editorials, magazines and other broadcast media, or by means of conferences, seminars, congresses, colloquia and meetings, both national and international.
  • To establish relationships with similar institutions at a national or international level with the purpose of carrying out agreements and partnership projects.
  • To establish relationships with enterprises and public entities with the aim of promoting technical advice in the field of applied modern languages and of encouraging the realization of coordinated projects that will meet their needs.
  • To educate academic and research staff within the research areas of the Institute.
  • To organise postgraduate academic courses, as well as specialized conferences, workshops, symposia, seminars, congresses etc. for the development of professionals, in accordance with the aims of the Institute.
  • Attracting external resources to help and contribute TO the achievement of the goals described above.