Textual Genres for Translation


Dra. Isabel García-Izquierdo (Main Researcher), Dra. Anabel Borja (Legal field coordinator), Dr. Vicent Montalt (Medical field coordinator), Dra. Silvia Gamero, Dra. Pilar Civera, Dra. Pilar Ezpeleta, Dra. Cristina García, Dra. Esther Monzó, Dra. Ana Muñoz-Miquel, Dra. Pilar Ordóñez

Colaboradores: José Luis Martí Ferriol (Universitat Jaume I), Juanma García (Universitat Jaume I), Natividad Juste (Universitat Jaume I), Paula Saiz Hontangas (technical staff for research support), Roser Sánchez Castany (technical staff for research support), María Gregorio (technical staff for research support)


The research group Gentt is working on the application of the concept of textual genre to the analysis of specialised communication from a multilingual perspective in the legal, medical and technical fields from a formal, communicative and cognitive perspective. Currently, the research of the group pursues:

  • To apply corpus linguistics to describe, systematise and analyse specialised genres.
  • To develop, extend and improve the functionality of the Gentt Corpus, a digital multilingual encyclopaedia of genres of the legal, medical and technical fields.
  • To assess the practical applications of the Gentt Corpus to research, teaching, and the translation profession.
  • To explore the needs of the professionals who work on specific legal and medical genres through socio-professional research.
  • To design and develop specialised multilingual documentation management systems for legal translators (JudGentt platform) and medical translators (MedGentt platform) which meet the needs of these professionals and help them optimise the documentation process.
  • To test these documentation management systems with real users.
  • To foster the cognitive aspect of the genre by carrying out readability tests with real users of specific medical genres.

To achieve these goals, Gentt combines the use of quantitative methods (digital corpus analysis, statistical analysis, readability tests and formulas, etc.) and qualitative methods (work groups, interviews, questionnaires, etc.).


 Research Lines
  • Research on specialised written communication on multilingual contexts.
  • Intra- and interlinguistic analysis of specialised textual genres: formal, communicative and cognitive aspects.
  • Sociology of the professions and its impact on the production of specialised genres (communication among specialists and among specialists and non-specialists).
  • Digitalisation, treatments and analysis of specialised texts for translation and compilation of textual corpora (quantitative methodology).
  • Analysis of documentation and communicative needs of those agents involved in the processes of specialised communication.
  • Analysis, revision, production and edition of specialised genres for public institutions and authorities.


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