El Léxico del Discurso Turístico 2.0EL LÉXICO DEL DISCURSO TURÍSTICO 2.0
Editado por Mercedes López Santiago y David Giménez Folqués – 2016
IULMA-Monografías, Publicacions de la Universitat de València
ISBN: 978-84-9133-015-8

The current monograph includes recent research from national and international prestigious researchers on different aspects of internet tourism. The rise of tourism on the internet has caused numerous changes both in the discourse and in the lexis of this domain. Also, the easy access to digital tourism texts has made possible to carry out diverse studies and publications on tourism 2.0, like the online Multilingual Dictionary of Tourism (Spanish-English-French) (2014), based upon a corpus of digital documents, made by a group of researchers within the COMETVAL project and addressed to professionals and laypeople of tourism 2.0; or the collective Discurso Turístico e Internet (2012), edited by Julia Sanmartín Sáez. These eight pieces of research collect, classify and study the lexis of 2.0 tourism discourse from a contrastive perspective (Spanish-French, Spanish-English and Spanish-Italian), en different fields like interculturality, lexis of the cultural heritage, active tourism, solidary tourism, as well as foreign words and synonyms used in tourism texts. We conclude saying that these works offer a new perspective for the definition of 2.0 tourism discourse.

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