The LID Dictionary of Turrón is a terminological dictionary that contains more than 500 entries in alphabetical order, with Spanish as the starting point and basis for the description of the terminology of the turrón industry. Turrón is one of the oldest and most traditional sweets of our country. Hence the need for a reference book that defines the terms used in this field.

The inclusion  of equivalences in Catalan, English, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic makes this work an effective multilingual instrument suitable for translation and to facilitate business and cultural exchanges, creating awareness in a documented and exhaustive way of both the product –the various varieties and current forms of commercial presentation of turrón– and the elaboration process to obtain it. Many of the terms refer to concepts related to raw materials; for example, almonds, an indispensable element to obtain turrón, described in its different varieties. The nutritional and organoleptic properties of the raw materials constitute another of the conceptual subdomains taken into account. The LID Dictionary of Turrón is a pioneering initiative that deals in detail with the different existing turrón-based products, their manufacturing processes, its raw material and machinery used, as well as the professionals working in this industry.

This compilation of terms is intended to fill the vacuum that currently exists in an area of ​​knowledge that is an important identity hallmark of Spain. The purpose of this work is to meet the terminological needs of this field, set the basis for these concepts and provide the equivalences into the languages spoken in the main foreign markets to which the turrón industry exports. This reference work is a very useful tool for manufacturers, distributors, translators, as well as for all those professionals related to the turrón industry.

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Lexicography, Lexicology, Terminology, Translation


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