CalzadoEnrique Alcaraz, Adelina Gómez González-Jover, Brian Hugues Cunningham, José Mateo Martínez, Chelo Vargas Sierra

The Dictionary of Terms of Footwear and Allied Industries, the second in the series of DICTIONARIES OF INDUSTRIAL TERMS published by Editorial Ariel, aims to cover the terminology of the footwear industry and related sectors, such as chemical, textile, leather, including machinery or production processes. This dictionary has two parts, English-Spanish and Spanish-English, each one containing nearly 12,000 lexical entries. Most of the entries consist of four elements: (a) translation of terms, (b) explanation, consisting of a brief explanatory comment of the meaning, limits and uses of the term, (c) illustration or brief example, providing a contextual setting for the meaning, and (d) referrals, in order to provide related words to fix the meaning of the term and to refer to collocations. The aim is to enable the user to set the exact meaning of each entry, combining the previously mentioned four parameters.

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