Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (ACDM)


María Martínez Lirola (coord.), Eva Llorens, Fernando Ramos, Antonia Lledó, Cristina Amérigo, Li Hui


  • To research on active methodologies and new assessment methods to improve the teaching-learning process.
  • To foster education for peace and human rights in the classroom.
  • To study language use in specific contexts (i.e. the relation between language, text and context, thus adding a social perspective in the study of language).
  • To analyse texts dealing with social issues and use them in teaching.
  • To go deeply into the effective and real equality between women and men in several disciplines – research on the relation between, gender, texts and society.


 Research Lines
  1. Research on new teaching methodologies and new assessment methods, with a special focus on the Portfolio.
  2. Critical Discouse Analysis (CDA) and Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (MCDA), with special emphasis on the analysis of immigration in the press and on the image of women in multimodal texts in the media.
  3. Gender, texts and society. Insights into the real and effective equality between women and men in several disciplines


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