Welcome to the new collection of IULMA-UV Dictionaries. We invite researchers in Applied Linguistics to send us their proposals. Here are the basic facts about this collection.

Basic principles.

Our Collection aims to publish lexicographical works that meet one or more of the following aspects:

  • Be works of a highly innovative nature in any aspect, be it macro-structural or micro-structural.
  • They are works that include lexical materials that are rarely or not at all present in the most common dictionaries or that do not find a place in the most conventional dictionaries.
  • Concern languages that are scarcely represented in the current lexicographical panorama, provided that a link is established with IULMA’s working languages.

Thematic lines of publication, with an applied perspective.

We suggest, as an indication, some possible profiles of lexicographic works that could be published in our Collection:

  • Bilingual dictionaries with languages of limited diffusion.
  • Specialised dictionaries in disciplines that are not widely used.
  • Dictionaries of specific lexical categories: locutions, types of verbs, particles, acronyms, acronyms, abbreviations, affixes, geonyms, etc.
  • Dictionaries of collocations.
  • Dictionaries restricted to lexicons with diaphasic or diastratic markings.
  • Samples or advances of unpublished dictionaries of an innovative nature.
  • Frequency lexicons.

In all cases, unless otherwise indicated, these may be monolingual, bilingual or multilingual works.

Target languages of the dictionaries: any.

Languages of presentation of the dictionaries: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian and French.

Frequency: one dictionary will be published per year, although the Scientific Committee reserves the right to propose the publication of a greater number of dictionaries if there is sufficient evidence of scientific quality among the proposals submitted.

Deadlines: the order of arrival of proposals will be strictly followed for their evaluation and possible publication. Proposals will be accepted throughout the year, although the Editorial Committee will meet to make decisions in September, with publication of the dictionary scheduled for approximately November.

Authorship and publication criteria: at least 75% of the authors of collective works will be from outside IULMA. Likewise, in the case of individual works, at least three out of every four publications will be by authors or publishers from outside IULMA.

Dissemination: the format will be exclusively digital and its publication and dissemination will be the responsibility of the Publications Service of the Universitat de València (PUV).

Rules and procedures