"We need goals, and to set those goals we need problems."

"Things need to be done through successive approaches."

Enrique Alcaraz Varó
Professor on English Philology at the University of Alicante
Founder of IULMA

Elecciones a Dirección de Instituto 2021

Durante el mes de octubre y noviembre de 2021 se llevarán a cabo las elecciones a Director/a de la sede de Alicante del IULMA e intersedes. En esta sección se irán añadiendo los diferentes comunicados que emita la Junta Electoral.

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University Master in English and Spanish for Specific Purposes.

The Master’s Degree in English and Spanish for Specific Purposes at the University of Alicante, sponsored by the Interuniversity Institute for Applied Modern Languages (IULMA), is a Master’s Degree of 60 credits, verified by ANECA after four academic years of teaching experience, with academic and research character, being one of the formative periods of the PhD Program of the Studies of English Philology.


Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies offered by the University of Valencia

This two-full-semesters postgraduate degree is designed to be more than attending classes, taking exams, delivering presentations, and finally writing a Master’s thesis. We hope you participate in our Department’s life, work closely with our faculty, attend conferences and lectures by leading English scholars who will be joining our programme as visiting professors from every corner of the world.


IULMA Monographs

IULMA Monographs is an e-book collection published by the University of Valencia, in accordance with the research lines and working languages of the Institute. The


IULMA Dictionaries

IULMA presents a new collection of e-dictionaries, published in the electronic platform of the University of Valencia Publication Services, which follows the research interests and


Grupos de investigación

En virtud de su compromiso inequívoco y constante con la investigación, el IULMA acoge numerosos grupos de investigación, cuyos objetivos y líneas están alineados con