Traduccion y Ciencia

Traducción y difusión de la ciencia y la técnica en España (s. XVI-XIX) (2015) (Translation and Dissemination of Science and Technology in Spain from the Sixteen to the Nineteen Century).

This volume is structured around a dual approach: on the one hand, there is the science, a foreign knowledge born beyond the boundaries which was “very popular” at the Iberian Peninsula between the sixteen and the seventeen centuries; and on the other hand, there is the translation, a real process of adaptation (in the standard sense of the word, not in the technical sense) of this foreign knowledge targeted to Spanish readers. The great number of translations into Spanish that spread science and technology in Spain, mainly European, are here studied from different approaches depending on the scientific and technical genre to which they belong. Finally, this monograph ends with an extensive bibliography concerning the two areas studied: translation into Spanish and history of the science and technology).

Edited by Julia Pinilla & Brigitte Lépinette.

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