This book contains several studies by researchers who share their interest in Terminology, Translation and Professional and Academic Languages, and pay special attention to new theoretical and applied concepts, some of which are raised by the emergence of ICTs and the social web in the aforementioned areas.

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On 25th, 26th and 27th October 2012, at the San Vicente del Raspeig Campus of the University of Alicante, the XIII Ibero-American Terminology Symposium, RITerm 2012, with the title “Terminology, Translation and ICT: social interaction and collaborative work for the construction and dissemination of knowledge” was held. The cooperation between IULMA (Spanish acronym for inter-university institute of modern applied languages) and the Red Iberoamericana de Terminología (Ibero-American terminology network) culminated in the integration of the Institute and the Network as organizers of the aforementioned Symposium. On the 24th, two prior workshops on collaborative work and audiovisual translation were also held.
The title of the Symposium this time was based on the great changes happening in current society, changes that have led us to a new way of  interrelating with one another, creating knowledge and, ultimately, carrying out our professional activities. In fact, the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are having a huge impact on the way of building and disseminating knowledge in society in general, but also, and more specifically, in the way we work, research and interact socially in both terminology and translation. Therefore, in addition to the objectives set for this international event, our efforts focused on bringing together the professional and academic community from the areas of knowledge involved during this event. The aim was to build and disseminate knowledge regarding new theoretical and applied concepts that are raised due to the impact of ICT and web 2.0 (or social web) in the disciplines of terminology and translation.
Based on these considerations, we intended to reach or address the following objectives with the organization of RITerm 2012 on terminology, translation and ICT: social interaction and collaborative work for the construction and dissemination of knowledge:

  • To reflect on the applications and implications of ICTs in academic and professional contexts related to terminology and translation.
  • To stimulate the sharing of academic, professional and research experiences in relation to terminology, translation and ICTs.
  • To discuss and consider the new academic and professional configurations arising from the Information and Knowledge Society.
  • To encourage research into this new field among researchers interested in terminology and translation.
  • To identify those solutions and research paths that can serve to harmonize current problems in the interrelation between terminology, translation and ICT.
  • To promote interest in terminology and translation within the framework of ICTs, the Information and Communication Society and web 2.0.

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