The translation of specialized texts: a multidisciplinary perspective.

The evolution of translation activity and the great technological changes in society have led to the emergence of new text typologies and translation modalities. The digital age has also conveyed a real revolution in translation research due to the amount of information available and the ability to process large amounts of data in a short time. Therefore, the study of specialized translation has revealed as a very rich field in proposals and challenges that should be considered. From this perspective, this work aims at presenting how these challenges are being addressed from various aspects of the specialized languages ​​and thus offer a brief overview on the issue.

The contributions included in this volume feature the study of specialized translation from a broad spectrum of disciplines such as advertising, art, jurisprudence, or business management. However, they also share common grounds such as the comparative analysis of translation strategies or the use of common qualitative methods in translation research. In this way, solutions, proposals and resources of great value are provided for in disciplines that are not usually the object of study in translation, but are fully consolidated from the point of view of the study of specialized languages.

In summary, the selected articles offer a realistic perspective that reflects the current situation of specialized translation and represent a valuable source of methodological approaches, practical resources and proposals for translators, teachers or researchers. Thus, this monograph contributes to Translation Studies with the dissemination of key aspects in specialized translation and responds to the multidimensional interest it raises among professionals, teachers and researchers.

The translation of specialized texts: a multidisciplinary perspective.

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