Jornadas Traducción No Literaria

 On this 2nd edition of the International Conference on the History of Non-literary Translation we shall explore once again, as we did in 2012, the specific matter of French to Spanish translation in the fields of technics and science and in those fields that are unrelated to literature. Again, our temporal limit will be the four centuries during which some transferences of this nature took place between France and Spain, all thanks to translation. What we are generally aiming for on this second edition, as well as in the previous one, to try to know and configure the state of the scientific and technical transferences from one country to another during a specific amount of time that we set up, even though in this case they are brought to life through their human vectors: translators.

The communications and conferences will focus on bibliographical data relating to the translators and will specifically address subjects such as their training, knowledge and personality and, in general, the training, knowledge and personality of those responsible for the scientific and technical translations (editors, for example) as well as their recipients’. The historical, social and intellectual circumstances in which the translations were carried out, and which influenced the translators, may also be of interest for the participants in this conference.

Furthermore, regarding the translated texts, it would also be interesting to take either the contents as an object of study (adapted by the translators, relating them to their goals and human and social characteristics) to understand the reasons and modalities of said adaptation, or, on the contrary, the literalness chosen and made explicit (or not) by them.

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