Terminos_JuridicosFirst update of this reference work from Ariel in 5 years.

English-Spanish, Spanish-English. Enrique Alcaraz | Brian Hughes | Miguel Ángel Campos Pardillos

The Diccionario de términos jurídicos [Dictionary of legal terms] (English Spanish, Spanish English) is a useful tool to solve problems that are increasingly present in many professional areas: which is the correct equivalent of such-and-such English or Spanish legal word? Its audience spans from the secretary translating a business letter to the expert lawyer studying a complex commercial contract. In its two parts, the dictionary offers, in addition to the translation corresponding to each term, a brief explanation of those terms that are characteristic of the Anglo-American and Spanish legal systems which, in the opinion of the authors, should help the translators in their work. In this way, terms such as estoppel, equity, trust, etc., appear with a brief explanation in Spanish in the first part (English-Spanish); and are also accompanied by a succinct explanation in English, in the second part, typical terms from the Spanish legal system such as contencioso-administrativo, instrucción, vía gubernativa, denuncia de la mora, etc. Another unique feature of this dictionary is the contextualization, within English sentences, of the main English legal terms, to help the readers understand their meaning. Also with a view to facilitating the understanding of meanings, a large number of synonyms, antonyms and reciprocal or cross references are displayed in both parts and the language style of the words (colloquial, slang, etc.) as well as their origin (American English, English of the legal system of Scotland, etc.). Finally, it should be noted that the dictionary is updated with recent legal terms, not included in other reference works, such as adjudicación de obras por concurso, admisión a trámite, alijo decomisado, burlar la acción de la justicia, contaminación maliciosa de ordenadores por medio de virus informáticos, declararse insumiso, etc. In the fifth edition, typos detected have been corrected, the wording of some explanations has been improved and more than 600 new lexical units have been introduced, some of which, such as bombalapa, pareja de hecho, ley de vídeovigilancia, algarada callejera, etc., or backlash, bust, crime, busting, beat the rap, shady, sleuth, pry, Mickey Finn, rap, scotfree, etc., although they are not strictly legal words, are important because they often appear in disclosure statements related to the legal world. From the first edition until the last one, more than 2,000 meanings have been incorporated among terms and new meanings.


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